Villa Coco

Feeling Like Jack Sparrow in the Caribbean

Santa Catalina Island boasts a white sand beach and beautiful blue water, and it is worth exploring using the trails built by the boatmen of the community. Ending the day, you can enjoy a spectacular view of unforgettable sunsets from the Islita.

You can get there via a boat shuttle or rent a kayak. Best during low tideto enjoy a large strech of white sand beach.

The trail starts behind the shipwreck and takes you alongside the top of the hill, occasionally opening a view on the wide Pacific Ocean.

Kayak or SUP

Rent kayaks and stand-up paddle boards in town to visit the island. It’s a 30-minute paddle to Santa Catalina Island.

Double Kayak: 25$ / Single Kayak: 15$


Book a boat ride that takes you to the Islita within 5 minutes.

$40 for going and returning.

Villa Coco is a small family-run boutique hotel in Santa Catalina, an oasis dedicated to relaxation and serenity.


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